How to Humiliate Someone

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Although it is wrong to humiliate somebody, it can be sweet revenge when a double crossing took place, whether from an ex- lover, friend, family member or a rival. Gring shame to the target, here's how to do it in the worst ways.

Step 1

Strategize well before degrading someone. Certain motives works well depending on the person being dealt with. Is the person very strong-headed and lets embarrassment easily roll off his back or prone to sensitivity and easily mortified? Consider these questions to get an idea of what kind of action is needed.


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Step 2

Make false claims to those closest in her circle. One of the best ideas is to spread terrible rumors about the person. Then watch him try to deny all the accusations and prove all the lies aren't true.

Step 3

Create a blog on the Internet exposing her deepest secrets and embarrassing stories. Or go to websites that will gain plenty of visitors such as Myspace and make a fake profile about her so everyone can get all the juicy details about her. To heighten the embarrassment, post pictures of the person so the public can see.


Step 4

Invite the person to a party and get really drunk. Talk loudly so every guest can hear you reveal embarrassing details about her and watch her fuming at your drunken speech. A bad reputation can be hard to live down so make sure to think of ones that will make everyone see her in a different light.



Step 5

Use his biggest flaw against him. If a guy likes to wear women's clothing and makeup, take snapshots of him and show it to all his friends and family or if a woman is known around town as a serial cheater, gather all of her lovers so they will confront each other at the most unexpected time.


Make sure the plan is not illegal.


Be cautious as it may backfire.



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