How to Create Faux tin Ceiling With Paintable Wallpaper

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Things You'll Need

  • Embossed wallpaper

  • Wallpaper adhesive

  • Acrylic primer

  • Silver metallic glaze

  • Paint rollers

  • Paint trays

  • Damp sponge

How to Create Faux tin Ceiling With Paintable Wallpaper. You can recreate the look of a faux tin ceiling using embossed wallpaper that's designed to replicate the appearance of tin tiles. Make sure the embossed wallpaper is made to be painted, so you can color your ceiling if you wish.


Step 1

Wallpaper your ceiling following standard wallpapering techniques. Since you're working with the ceiling, you might want to enlist the help of some friends to ease the process.

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Step 2

Allow the wallpaper to cure for a week before you paint it. Curing ensures the adhesive is secured to the ceiling before you introduce the moisture of the paint.

Step 3

Prime the embossed wallpaper with a silver or black-tinted primer.

Step 4

Paint the wallpaper with a silver metallic paint glaze. Apply with a paint roller for a flat, even appearance. Or, wash the paint glaze on with a damp rag to create variances in the color depth, as if the tin ceiling is aged.


If you have difficulty adhering the wallpaper to the ceiling, you can strategically staple it around the embossed design to make it secure. Consider applying the embossed wallpaper to a sheet of plywood and experimenting with the paint colors, glazes and techniques, so you know exactly how to achieve the look you want when you work on the ceiling.


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