How to Prepare a Pop Tart

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How to Prepare a Pop Tart. Eat breakfast because it is the king meal of the day. Many people do not have time for a full prepared breakfast such as bacon and eggs with toast and jam. When you are in a rush, prepare pop tarts and enjoy a tasty quick meal that does have some nutritional value.


Step 1

Purchase pop tarts at your supermarket so you have them on hand when you need a quick breakfast meal. They are located on the breakfast food aisle with cereal.

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Step 2

Choose your favorite kind or buy several flavors for variety. Pop tarts come sealed with two in every individual pouch so they keep fresh for a long time.


Step 3

Open the box of pop tarts and remove one pouch. You will find two pop tarts in the pouch. You may eat them both or close the pouch and save the second one for another day.

Step 4

Prepare the pop tart by placing it in the toaster or toaster oven and set the toaster on the lowest setting. Toast for one cycle only.


Step 5

Remove the pop tart from the toaster carefully. It will be very hot. Let it cool for a few minutes before eating.

Step 6

Place the pop tart in the microwave oven. Heat the pop tart on high for three seconds. Take the pop tart out of the microwave and cool for a few minutes. Prepare pop tarts whenever you need a quick breakfast.


Poptarts can be enjoyed straight out of the box as well.


The pop tart filling will be very hot when you remove it from the toaster or microwave. Exercise caution when biting into it so you do not burn your mouth.