How to Get Rid of Deer Flies

Deer flies can be a large pest to humans. These flies bite humans and suck out blood and a few bites can make outside activities miserable. As deer flies can travel for long distances and its impossible to drain every swamp and water feature within several miles of your home, you won't be able to totally eliminate them.

Step 1

Get rid of swimming pools or other bodies of water in your yard. Deer flies appear to be attracted to either the movement of people in swimming pools or the shiny, reflective surface of the water.

Step 2

Increase the shade in your yard. Deer flies typically like sunny areas and will avoid deeply shaded areas or structures. You can also seek shaded areas out if you choose to be outside when deer flies are present.

Step 3

Limit or avoid livestock or horses around your property. Deer flies can be attracted to horses, cows and other livestock. Decreasing the number of livestock near you can reduce the attraction.

Step 4

Seal your windows and doors properly to keep deer flies out of your home. Make sure that your window screens are intact and patch any holes that you find.

Step 5

Use insect repellents to keep deer flies from biting. Repellents won't address the reason why deer flies are around, but they can offer a bit of protection from bites. Use the repellent you choose carefully and always follow the specific directions.

Step 6

Recognize that deer flies are only present during certain parts of the year. The peak season for deer flies typically lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. If deer flies are a major problem for you, try to stay indoors during this time.

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