How to Ripen Fruit Faster

How to Ripen Fruit Faster. If you like buying fresh fruit at a market or grocery store, chances are you know how to choose the fruit, too. You don't want it too ripe, but you don't want it under ripe. Here's how you can ripen fruit faster when you buy under ripe fruit.

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Find a dry spot to ripen your fruit. The fruit can mold if it gathers too much moisture.

Use a container with a tight lid. The lid helps trap the ethylene gas that fruits give off as they ripen. The fruit ripens faster in higher concentrations of ethylene gas. You can also use a brown paper bag. Fold the bag top down to keep in the ethylene gas.

Place fruit near other fruits that give off higher concentrations of ethylene gas. Apples and bananas give off higher concentrations of gas than other fruits. Place apples and bananas together, and the fruit will ripen much quicker.

Check for ripeness of the fruit. Gently touch the skin of the fruit. If you can push the skin into the fruit a little then the fruit is ripe. If the skin gives too much or there are bruised spots or other discoloration, the fruit is too ripe.

Store most ripened fruits in the refrigerator, and use these ripened fruits immediately.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ripen the fruit at room temperature for best results. Warm temperatures quicken the pace at which fruit ripens.
  • Use black garbage bags if you can't find brown paper bags. This is especially useful for larger fruits such as watermelons.
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