How to Make a Custom Flag

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How to Make a Custom Flag. Custom flags are a great way to get attention for your local sports team, an organization or a business. While there are many businesses that would gladly help you create a custom flag, you can also make your own with ease. A few simple steps can help you start your custom flag.


Step 1

Choose the fabric that you like best. When choosing fabric, you should take into account that some varieties wash and wear better than others. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon look flashy, but should be handled with care around heat. Cotton is also durable and washable, but lacks the luster of other fabrics.


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Step 2

Pick colors that grab attention. The whole point of making a custom flag is to get the attention of your potential viewers. By choosing complimentary colors that work together or colors that are attractive to onlookers, you can create a successful flag.

Step 3

Keep the design simple. Whether you're using an image of a mascot or simple symbols, the simpler the design the easier it is to create the custom flag. Consider using stripes, blocks, and simple shapes like stars, hearts, paws, or other images to make up your flag.


Step 4

Cut out your pieces of fabric carefully. Use sewing scissors, or cloth scissors, to get precise cuts when you begin to snip the pieces of your flag.

Step 5

Sew your flag together with heavy-duty thread and consider double-stitching. You might want to have a professional seamstress do the sewing on your custom flag to make sure that it is securely fastened together.