How to Grow Strawberries Indoors

When winter hits it's easy to get the blues. Why not try to add a little color to your life by growing some strawberries indoors? The process is easy and it'll help you retain some of the sweet taste of summertime.

Things You'll Need

  • Quality potting soil
  • Large plant pot or container
  • Strawberry seeds
  • Water and sunlight
  • Plant fertilizer

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Visit a garden supply store and pick up a fairly high quality potting soil, a large plant container, plant fertilizer and strawberry seeds. Red Alpine strawberries grow best indoors, as they are everbearing with no runners which keeps your indoor strawberry patch more contained and neat.

Fill your container with potting soil three quarters full. Water. Make many finger holes in the dirt. Add a few seeds to each hole. Cover with soil.

Add plant fertilizer diluted to 1/2 strength.

Set your container in a sunny, South-facing window or an enclosed sun porch that receives bright sunlight. Water it plentifully. Fertilize every 10 days with the mixture diluted to 1/2 strength.

Plants bloom with white flowers and then fruit in a few months, and will keep producing flowers and fruit for 3 years. The berries will be small, but very sweet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Indoor strawberries are a perfect fruit for freezing to use later.
  • You can plant White Alpine strawberries, but they will grow messier, with runners snaking out from the container creating a wilder garden.
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