How to Reduce Traffic Noise

How to Reduce Traffic Noise. High traffic noise is becoming a problem for more people as additional roadways are built. There are several ways for residents to reduce traffic noise, both inside and outside the home. The solution depends on how close the traffic is to the home, the kind of vehicles traveling the road and the general amount of noise.

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Construct a barrier. Concrete walls are the most effective way to reduce traffic noise. These walls are expensive and require the help of a professional for design and installation.

Plant some trees. Evergreens are the preferred tree for traffic reduction, simply because they stay full year-round and grow fairly quickly.

Invest in a white noise or other accoustical system. This is especially beneficial if the noise is only bothersome when entertaining or you are outdoors.

Upgrade the windows and doors. The most expensive option is to replace all windows and doors with sound proof models. These windows and doors are thicker and more effective than regular ones at reducing noise levels. The other option is to install a special soundproofing insert inside the window. These inserts are still clear, and are made to reduce noise effectively. Remember that all your windows, both parallel and perpendicular to the road, must be altered for full benefit.

Use a fountain or other water feature to mask the noise. The sound of water is relaxing, and a great way to reduce traffic noise that is low.

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