How to Make Homemade Whole Fruit Popsicles

Grapes are delicious in a whole fruit Popsicle.
Grapes are delicious in a whole fruit Popsicle. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Popsicles are an ice pop that was created in 1905. Over the years, many variations on Popsicles have been created, ranging from chocolate to fruit flavored and in a variety of colors. Whole fruit Popsicles are ice pops that contain chunks of whole fruit. Citrus and berry fruits freeze the best. You can freeze the fruit in their own juices or use white or red grape juice. For citrus fruits, white grape juice is better, and berries pair nicely with red grape juice.

Things You'll Need

  • ½ peeled and sliced orange
  • Orange juice
  • 10 grapes
  • Red grape juice
  • 1 sliced peach
  • White grape juice
  • 6 Popsicle molds
  • 6 Popsicle sticks

Video of the Day

Pour orange juice into 2 of the Popsicle molds and fill 2/3 of the way.

Repeat with the red grape juice in 2 molds and white grape juice in 2 molds.

Add 5 grapes to each mold with red grape juice, 2 to 3 orange slices to the molds with orange juice and 2 to 3 peach slices to the white grape juice molds.

Freeze the Popsicles for 2 hours.

Remove from the freezer. The Popsicles should be starting to set. Insert the Popsicle sticks.

Return to the freezer and freeze for 4 more hours before eating.


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