How to Hang a Wreath

How to Hang a Wreath. Wreaths are a great accent for doors during the holidays as well as year round. Hanging a wreath on an exterior door can be difficult when trying to avoid damaging the door. Look outside of the box for quick fixes to wreath hanging dilemmas. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you will be hanging wreaths in no time at all.

Things You'll Need

  • Wreath hanger
  • Metal hanger
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Push pins
  • Magnetic door hangers
  • Brick clips

Video of the Day

String a 2 to 3 foot length of decorative ribbon through the wreath. Have someone hold the wreath at the desired level. Pull the ribbon tight and push a flat tack into the ribbon on the top of the door.

Purchase a plastic or metal wreath hanger. Slide the hanger onto the top of the door. Adjust the length, and hang the wreath on the hook.

Purchase magnetic wreath hangers for metal or single paned glass doors. Stick the magnet on the metal door and hang the wreath. Place a magnet on both sides of a glass pane to create attraction and hang the wreath.

Reshape a metal hanger for an inexpensive wreath hanger. Straighten the wire hanger and bend it to fit over the top of the door. Hang the wreath on the hook.

Purchase brick grippers to hang wreaths on the outside of a house. Place the grippers on brick, and tug on it to make sure it is secure. Hang the wreath on the hook.

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