How to Care for Teak Wood

How to Care for Teak Wood. Teak is a beautiful hard wood that is used for everything from furniture to yacht decks. Whether you prefer teak's early, brown color or its faded silver hue, you must care for the wood to keep the grain strong, durable and clean for years.

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Treat the wood with general care and attention. As hard and durable as teak is, it is also sensitive to stains and damage which can permanently mar its surface. Keep flames, chemicals and even black-soled shoes away from the wood's surface to prevent irreparable damage.

Spray the surface with water. Use a fine jet of water to clean the teak's surface of loose dirt and grime. A garden hose will provide sufficient water pressure for this initial cleaning process.

Clean the wood with special teak cleaner. There are a number of high quality teak cleaners on the market. Use a cleaner like Amazon teak cleaner to do a thorough cleaning. Dilute the cleaner as directed by the label and then use a non-metallic brush to scrub the cleaner into the wood. Rinse the surface thoroughly afterwards.

Let the teak dry for 24 hours. If the teak is the color you want it after cleaning then move on to the next step. If the color is too dark then give the wood another cleaning.

Finish the process with a teak oil. Teak oils are specially designed products to keep the teak strong and beautiful. Use an oil such as Teak Guard or Amazon's Teak Oil to treat the teak with oil. Apply the oil to a clean and dry teak surface by wiping the wood with a rag soaked in the oil. Apply as many coats as the label of the product directs or until the teak has acquired the color you want.

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