How to Throw a '50s Theme Party

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How to Throw a '50s Theme Party. Poodle skirts, sock hops and jukeboxes are all throw backs to the 1950s. To host a 1950s theme party, you will need a few decorations, 50s music, diner-style food and a little creativity. Throw a groovy 50s party with these simply tips, no matter how old you are!


Step 1

Determine your party budget, considering space rental fees, decorations, food and beverages, invitations, music and/or entertainment.

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Step 2

Select a location that you can decorate in a 50s style sock hop theme. The location should be able to accommodate taped or pinned decorations on the walls.


Step 3

Make or purchase invitations with 50s paraphernalia such as records, root beer floats, or 50s showroom cars. Include the date, time, location and RSVP contact information. Encourage your attendees to dress up in 50s garb such as poodle skirts, dark denim jeans and white t-shirts, pedal-pusher pants or saddle shoes.


Step 4

Send invitations three to four weeks prior to the party. Request a RSVP approximately three to five days before the party so you can account for food and beverages.

Step 5

Determine your menu and caterer. Diner-style food is a great fit for a 50s theme, and relatively inexpensive. The menu should include hotdogs and hamburgers, French fries, root beer and ice cream floats, milkshakes and sundaes. If the cater does not supply the plates, napkins, cups and utensils, be sure to purchase these items when you guy decorations.


Step 6

Purchase decorations that will convey the theme and fit within your venue. Consider purchasing cardboard records, drive-in or sock hop posters, black and white balloons and streamers, and cutouts of Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. If your budget permits, rent a portable checkerboard dance floor.


Step 7

Select a DJ or band that specializes in 50s-style music. You may also consider renting a jukebox or simply playing music on a stereo.

Step 8

Confirm catering, music and venue reservations and arrangements approximately three to five days prior to the party.


Step 9

Recruit some help with party setup and clean up. An extra set of hands will help with party logistics so that you are able to enjoy the party, too!


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