How to Decorate a House Cheaply

How to Decorate a House Cheaply. You don't have to make millions to live in the lap of luxury. From inventory-clearance sales to spectacular secondhand goods, today's budget-minded decorator has many great options for low-cost home furnishings. Consider the guidelines below to decorate your home on a budget.

Things You'll Need

  • Truck
  • Internet access
  • Newspaper

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Determine your needs. Take inventory of your home to decide what you're in the market for. Whether items are functional or decorative, make a list of desired pieces for the home.

Look for big sales. End-of-year, store-closing and liquidation sales mean big savings. Check newspaper ads and furniture store Web sites for sale announcements.

Visit home stores and locate the clearance room. Most major showrooms have a special area for discounted furniture. Ask about slightly damaged items and what kind of discount may apply.

Browse for furniture. Customize your search by using the appropriate keywords. If you want new items, be sure to include "new" in your search along with what type of item you're looking for.

Hit garage sales for the best deals. Furniture may be used, but you can't beat the price. For antiques and finer pieces, check out estate sales. Expect to pay more for estate sale items.

Shop at thrift stores for an ever-changing selection of furniture and home decor items.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider giving existing items a face-lift. Paint an old table, re-mat a wall hanging or reupholster a chair. Integrate colorful throw pillows, rugs and other decorative accents to refresh a stale space.
  • Measure floor and wall space before you start shopping. Also consider sketching a floor plan for handy reference while looking for home furnishings.
  • Negotiate the price at thrift stores and estate and garage sales. Know that items are usually discounted the last day of the sale.
  • When shopping at thrift stores or yard sales, you will need to drive a truck or have easy access to one. Unlike a department store, these places usually don't deliver.
  • If interested in a item unaccompanied by a photo, request a picture before you go through the hassle of driving to the item.
  • Give secondhand items a good cleaning. Shampoo or steam clean upholstered pieces.
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