How to Remove Old Kitchen Cabinets

How to Remove Old Kitchen Cabinets. When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you may find it's time to retire your old cabinets and replace them with new ones. Uninstalling, rather than demolishing old cabinets will offer you the chance to donate them or make them into something else that can bring you years of use.

Things You'll Need

  • Hammer with claw or a pry bar
  • Screw driver

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Begin with the base or floor cabinets. Base cabinet removal can be done with one person.

Remove flooring that may be attached to the kick under the cabinet.

Turn off water or electricity if pipes are within the cabinet.

Remove or detach the electrical or plumbing pipes from under the cabinet.

Remove molding or decorative accents that are attached to the cabinet.

Located the nailing or screwing strip along the inside edges of the cabinet.

Use the claw of a hammer or screw driver to remove nails and/or screws from the wall then the floor.

Start removing the wall cabinets. You will need at least two people to remove these cabinets in tact.

Ask your helper or helpers to hold the cabinet as you unscrew or pry out the nails from the cabinet and the wall or ceiling.

Lower the cabinet slowly after all screws and nails have been removed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't attempt to remove wall cabinets alone. Once one or two fasteners have been removed, it is possible to risk the integrity of the studs and most definitely the cabinet structure.
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