10 Items You're Forgetting to Clean (And How to Do It)

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Household Deep Cleaning
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You're Probably Forgetting to Clean These Items

Do you totally loathe cleaning, or are you the kind of person who gets a kick out of cranking up the tunes and giving your place a good scrub? Either way, it's just one of those things you have to do to keep a few creepy-crawlers from becoming roommates. We all know the places that should be standard visits on every cleaning spree — like the bathroom or the kitchen — but there are commonly overlooked items that could really use your attention, too. From your dishwasher to your pillow, and your window screens to your carpets, here are 10 items that deserve a good scrub. Your inner clean freak will thank you.

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Cleaning Bed Pillows
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Your Pillows

You change your pillowcase on the regular, but can you remember the last time you cleaned your actual pillow? Well, you should be doing it every three months to get rid of dust mites, skin cells and body oil (gag!). The process is painless and you'll wonder why you waited so long. Just pop them in the washing machine and then in the dryer on low heat. Sweet dreams!

Mattress Deodorizer
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Your Mattress

After you clean your pillows, move on to your mattress. A simple combination of baking soda and your favorite essential oil (try relaxing lavender) will take your mattress from funky to fresh in half an hour. It's something easy that makes a huge difference in your nighttime routine.

All-Natural Toy Cleaner
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Your Kids' Toys

Baby toys, while colorful and adorable, are also really gross. They go back and forth from the floor to your kid's mouth more times than you can count. Give yourself some peace of mind with an all-natural disinfectant made from a standard household staple: vinegar. Now let's see how long the toys actually stay clean this time.

Cleaning Your Dishwasher
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Your Dishwasher

The dishwasher is always full of hot, soapy water, so it shouldn't need to be cleaned, right? Wrong! Give your dishwasher a wipe down and run it with vinegar and baking soda once a month to deter mold and mildew from growing. It'll also wash away any lingering food odors.

Cleaning Window Screens
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Window Screens

Homeowners, this one's for you. You probably don't think about your window screens much, but because they're exposed to the elements, they deserve a little TLC every six months. Use soap, water and a soft-scrub brush to gently wash away dirt without tearing the material. It may seem tedious, but it'll keep dirt from working its way into your home — and save you from buying new screens in the future.

DIY Carpet Cleaner
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Your Carpet

If you've got pets, children or tons of company, chances are that your carpet takes a beating. Steam cleaning can make them look as good as new, but the actual solution can be expensive and full of chemicals. Make your own with a few easy-to-find ingredients like peroxide and dish soap. You'll thank yourself the next time your toddler decides to finger paint all over the floor.

Cleaning Your Showerhead
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Your Shower Head

Would you wash your hair under something covered in mold, mildew and bacteria? Well, if you haven't cleaned your shower head in the last month, that's exactly what you're doing every time you step in the tub. If you thought you felt good after your shower before, just wait until you take one with a clean shower head. You may never want to come out!

garbage can
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Your Garbage Can

It's no secret that trash is stinky, but something has to change when it's the first thing you smell when you walk through the door. Grab your trusty box of baking soda and you'll neutralize those lingering food odors instantly. Pro tip: sprinkle a few tablespoons in the bottom of the can to stop the stench before it starts.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman


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