DIY Floral Nail Art

Floral nail art is incredibly popular and there are dozens of designs to choose between! From daisies to sunflowers, you can pick a style for any occasion. I'm going to show you how to create a classic vintage rose design that's simple to create — even for beginners! It's perfect to wear for a wedding, a garden party or even everyday.

(Image: Caroline Burke)

Things You'll Need

  • Nude nail polish
  • A selection of pink, yellow, orange and green nail polishes
  • Clear top coat

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Step 1

Paint your nails with a base color, I've opted for a nude shade, but you can use any shade you like.

(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 2

To begin the first rose, apply a rough circle of pink nail polish.

(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 3

To add the rose petals, lightly apply some light pink polish over the darker pink circle you just created. Use the tip of a nail polish brush for this, but first remove any excess polish from the the brush; the petals look more natural if the brush is a little dry.

(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 4

To add more definition to the petals, add a few light strokes of dark pink polish around the edges. Repeat until you have a pink rose on each nail. This design is romantic and abstract, so the roses don't need to be perfect!

(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 5

For contrast, I like to paint a yellow-colored rose on each nail, too. To do this begin with an orange circle, then build up strokes of pale yellow petals to finish.

(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 6

To finish the design, add some leaves. Dab some green nail polish either side of the roses.

(Image: Caroline Burke)

Step 7

Don't forget to seal the design with a swipe of top coat to prevent any chips.

(Image: Caroline Burke)

This design looks equally pretty painted over a dark base color, and you can even change up the colors of the roses, too!

(Image: Caroline Burke)
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