DIYs for New Dog Owners

We're a bit obsessed with maintaining the health of our furry friends (we want them to live long, happy lives with us!). That's why we love do-it-yourself, pet-related projects. More than saving us money, we can see exactly what goes into our companions' products, toys and treats. So whether you've recently adopted a pup of your own or you're looking to overhaul your pooch's treats with more eco-friendly alternatives, we highly recommend giving these DIY projects a try.

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1. Elevated Dog Feeder

Yes, this dog feeder is all sorts of rustic beauty, but it's also great at helping prevent neck strain — something that can happen when your pup is always lowering his head to eat or drink from a bowl on the ground.

How to Make an Elevated Dog Feeder
How to Make an Elevated Dog Feeder (Image: Cassie Bustamante)

2. Easy Dog Biscuit Recipe

Instead of grabbing a pack of treats off the shelves, try baking some biscuits. It's the same reason you bring baked cookies instead of Baked Doritos to a get-together — you care about the food you share with your loved ones.

Easy Dog Biscuit Recipes
Easy Dog Biscuit Recipes (Image: Mallory Ferland)

3. Fabric Storage Bin for Toys

What do pet parents and parents of two year olds have in common? A ridiculous plethora of toys lying around the house. Keep all the Kongs, balls and bones contained in one place with this eco-friendly reversible fabric storage. Make sure to choose a fabric color or pattern that coordinates with the rest of your home decor, to help it seamlessly blend in and not add even more visual clutter.

How to Make a Reversible Fabric Storage Basket
How to Make a Reversible Fabric Storage Basket (Image: Jessica Abbott)

4. Palette Dog Bed

If you're really into rustic or farmhouse-type elements, try taking your pet bed up a notch (literally) by making this slightly elevated palette dog bed. One of our favorite parts of this DIY is the wheels, which makes it easy to transfer Monte (or his bed) to any location in your home, at any time.

Pallet Turned Dog Bed
Pallet Turned Dog Bed (Image: Camille Styles)

5. No Sew Heart Dog Toy

This DIY heart dog toy is like a mini fleece blanket for your favorite furry friend. And, honestly, it might be worth making for the Instagram picture alone.

DIY: No Sew Heart Dog Toy
DIY: No Sew Heart Dog Toy (Image: Pretty Fluffy)

6. Water Bottle Crunch Dog Toy

Is your pup loves bones and obnoxious squeaky toys, try making this upcycled DIY water bottle toy. It's a great way to find a second use for that water bottle and far cheaper than shelling out for a toy your puppy will probably destroy in a few days time.

Easy DIY Dog Toy: The Water Bottle Crunch
Easy DIY Dog Toy: The Water Bottle Crunch (Image: Dog Vacay)

7. Donut Rope Toy

This bright DIY rope toy is almost too pretty to give to any pooch. But, when you're able to finally hand it over, you won't regret it. While technically it's a "semi-DIY" because it requires store-bought rope toy, you can also visit your local hardware store and ask for a length of rope, then tie it yourself, to make it a full-on DIY project.

Donut Rope Dog Toy
Donut Rope Dog Toy (Image: Pretty Fluffy)

8. Dog Leash Holder

Just like a catch-all cubby for your family members, this leash holder helps keep all of your pup's things — from poop bags to leashes and harnesses — all within arm's reach. Organization at its cutest.

DIY dog leash holder
DIY dog leash holder (Image: Everyday Dishes)

9. Recycled Tire Dog Bed

If you need a sturdy bed for a bigger pup, try this DIY recycled tire dog bed. Not only can it take a beating, it's definitely a statement piece in any room.

DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tired
DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tired (Image: Practically Funcitonal)

10. DIY Dog Scarf

Whether your dog needs an added layer or you just want to style them up for a certain occasion, scarfs are a great dip into the "dog clothing" waters. Before investing in expensive jackets or sweater vests, which may even irritate a dog's skin, we recommend trying this no-sew heart dog scarf.

DIY Heart Dog Scarf
DIY Heart Dog Scarf (Image: Sarah Hearts)

11. Rope Leash

Not a fan of the traditional leash? DIY your own rope leash! We're especially loving the ombre color scheme, but you can easily switch it up to be a single color or as rainbow-themed as you'd prefer.

Ombre Rope Dog Leash
Ombre Rope Dog Leash (Image: DIY Ready)

12. Pom Pom Dog Collar

There's such a variety of dog collars out there, but somehow they all end up looking the same. That's why we love this pom pom collar. Just make sure your pooch isn't too young to chew off the little pom poms. Though, if he is, you can still bring this collar out on special, celebratory occasions.

Pom Pom Dog Collar
Pom Pom Dog Collar (Image: Thirty Handmade Days)

13. Homemade Flea Prevention Dog Treats

Why would you prevent fleas with pills if you can prevent them with a tasty snack? All it takes is two grain-free ingredients and a few minutes to make these clean flea-preventing dog treats.

Homemade Flea Prevention Dog Treats
Homemade Flea Prevention Dog Treats (Image: Health Starts in the Kitchen)

14. DIY Dog Collar Bow Tie

Any special event in your dog's future? No need to rush out and buy an expensive (yet, admittedly adorable) doggy tuxedo or dress when you can make this simple, dog collar bow tie right now.

DIY: Dog Collar Bow Tie
DIY: Dog Collar Bow Tie (Image: Lucy | Good Dogs & Co.)
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