How to Make Lingerie out of a T-Shirt

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Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt

  • Camisole

  • Dressmaker’s chalk

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Lace trim

  • Ribbon

  • Stretch lace, wide

Give your old T-shirt new life as pretty, home-made lingerie.

Making lingerie out of a T-shirt does not require much sewing at all. You can even do it without a sewing machine. Take a T-shirt of any length, snip off the top and add some ribbon and lace and your old T-shirt is repurposed into soft, comfortable, sexy lingerie. Use a shorter T-shirt for camisole-length lingerie and a longer T-shirt for a longer, more form-fitting look.


Step 1

Choose a long, tight-fitting T-shirt in a color that complements your skin tone.

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Step 2

Lay the inside-out T-shirt flat, front side up. Place a camisole on top of it so the camisole straps rest at the top shoulders of the T-shirt and line up with the arm holes.


Step 3

Mark the T-shirt along the top of the camisole with chalk. Turn the T-shirt over and lay the camisole back-side up on the back of the T-shirt. Mark the back of the T-shirt along the top of the camisole back.

Step 4

Remove the camisole and cut the top of the T-shirt off along the lines marked on the front and back. Most likely you'll end up cutting the top of the T-shirt off below the sleeves so the sleeves are removed completely. If not, carefully snip the stitching that holds the sleeves on and remove the sleeves.


Step 5

Attach lace or some other trim along the top of the cut using a needle and thread matched to the color of the trim.

Step 6

Try on the T-shirt and mark the bottom for cutting if you want it shorter. Remove the T-shirt, cut it off if necessary, and add a row of the same neck trim around the bottom or add a wider band of stretchy lace at the bottom.


Step 7

Lay the camisole back down over the T-shirt and mark where the straps start. Mark strap placement on the front and back of the shirt. Using a basic "x" stitch, tack a length of ribbon at each front strap placement mark, and two more lengths of ribbon at the back strap placement marks. Tie the lengths of ribbon into bows so the bows rest atop the shoulders. Adjust to raise or lower the T-shirt lingerie on the body.


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