How to Repair a Nautilus Sleep System

Things You'll Need

  • Sponge

  • Dish soap

  • Bucket

  • Air bladder patch

  • Warranty paperwork

You can troubleshoot a malfunctioning Nautilus Sleep System bed at home.

The Nautilus Sleep System is an air bed, manufactured with two multi-chamber air bladders that are inflated and deflated with a pump system. Owners may experience problems with deflating air bladders or a non-functioning air pump. Notably, these beds are no longer manufactured and according to Best Mattress Reviews, the manufacturer was bought by the American National Manufacturing Company in 2006. The new owners honor all warranty claims and sell replacement parts. After-market replacement parts are also available for Nautilus Sleep System beds.

Step 1

Listen for the sound of the motor when attempting to operate the bed controls. If there is no sound, it suggests that the pump is broken or the bed is not receiving power. If the pump is operating but the air bladders are not inflating or deflating properly, this suggests a problem with the air bladders or the connection between the pump and the air bladders.

Step 2

Examine the power cord for damage and ensure that the cord is plugged in to a functioning outlet. Test the socket by plugging in and turning on a functioning electrical device. Ensure that the bed is not plugged in to a socket that's controlled by a wall switch. A blown fuse, damaged cord or malfunctioning socket will result in a loss of power to the bed.

Step 3

Examine the remote controls and the cords that connect the remotes to the bed. Look for obvious damage to the cords or remotes. If only one of the remote controls is functioning, this suggests that the problem is caused by a faulty remote. If neither remote is working, it suggests a problem with the power supply or pump.

Step 4

Examine the tubes leading from the air pump to the air bladders. Look for obvious damage and verify that the connections are secure. A loose connection will result in deflation or a lack of control over the inflation level.

Step 5

Remove the mattress components to expose the multi-chamber air bladders. If possible, inflate the air bladders before removing them from the bed.

Step 6

Dip a sponge in soapy water and wipe down the air bladders in sections. After applying suds to each section, watch for the formation of bubbles. Bubble formation indicates a leak in the air bladder. Apply an air bladder patch to the affected area.

Step 7

Order replacement parts by phone. Reference your warranty paperwork and provide the bed's serial number (on the warranty paperwork) to the operator. The replacement parts will be free if your bed is still under warranty.


Replacement parts can be ordered from the American National Manufacturing company by calling 1-800-854-6295.

Most Nautilus Sleep System beds were sold with a package of air bladder patches. If you've lost or used the patches, use inflatable raft patches instead.

If the power outlet is working, and neither controller will activate the bed, it's indicative of a problem with the pump. A replacement pump will be required. The pump can be accessed via a door, situated below the air bladders. Replace the pump by disconnecting it from the leads for the remote controls and removing the tubes leading to the air bladders. Pull out the pump and attach the new one to the remote control leads and the air bladder tubes. Run the power cord to an outlet.