How to Get the Heat on a Master Spa From Economy to Standard

Economy mode keeps your Master Spa hot at all times.

Standard is one of the three programmable modes on a Master Spa. Standard mode is designed to keep the Master Spa hot at all times by maintaining the last set temperature. Economy mode is designed to save energy, heating the spa to the last set temperature only when a filter cycle is running. Going from Economy to Standard mode can be done in a matter of seconds and ensures that your hot tub is ready to be used at a moment's notice.

Step 1

Press the "Program/Mode" button. The button has a capital "P" on it.

Step 2

Press the "Cool" button to cycle through the Master Spa's three cycles, Standard, Economy and Sleep. The "Cool" button can be found to the immediate right of the "Program/Mode" button.

Step 3

Stop pressing the "Cool" button when you see "Standard" icon flashing. Press the "Program/Mode" button while the "Standard" icon is flashing to set the Master Spa to Standard mode.