How to Get a Musty Smell Out of a Suede Jacket

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A suede jacket can smell musty if mildew or mold has grown on it.

Suede is a soft, smooth type of leather that is subject to mold and mildew when stored in damp conditions. If your suede jacket smells musty, it is likely because mold, mildew or some other fungus has begun to grow on its surface. To remedy this problem, you must remove and treat the molded areas. If done properly, your jacket will no longer stink.


Things You'll Need

  • Shoe brush

  • White vinegar

  • Cloth

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Step 1

Locate the mildew or molded areas on the jacket. Use a shoe brush to gently brush away any visible mold growth from the surface.

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Step 2

Dampen a cloth with undiluted white vinegar. Gently blot the mold spots with the cloth until they are no longer visible.

Step 3

Use the shoe brush to rework the nap of the suede. Allow the garment to dry completely. Repeat if mildew smell remains.


Store suede and leather items in a well-ventilated, dry area. Do not store beneath plastic, as this can cause condensation to build up on the garment.


When cleaning the mold spots, do not scrub or vigorously rub the suede, as this will permanently damage the nap.


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