How to Make a Blindfold Out of a Shirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler or tape measure

  • Pen or marker

  • Scissors

Any shirt material will work for a blindfold as long as it isn't see-through.

Blindfolds can serve many purposes, from covering people's eyes during party games to maintaining an element of surprise as you lead a friend to a gift. Instead of going out and buying a blindfold, you can make one of your own quite easily using items around your home. A bandana blindfold, rolled up and tied around someone's eyes in the same way you would tie a bandana around your forehead, works just as well as any other kind of blindfold.


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Step 1

Find an old shirt you no longer want to wear and won't mind cutting up. Hold the fabric up to your face to ensure the fabric of the shirt is thick enough to prevent you from seeing through it.

Step 2

Lay the shirt out flat. Measure out a 22-by-22-inch square on the shirt using a ruler or tape measure. The best place to measure such a square will be the back of the shirt or the midriff area if it's not a button-down. Mark the places on the shirt you plan to cut using a pen or marker. Cut out the measured square using scissors.


Step 3

Lay out your 22-by-22-inch shirt square. Fold the square in half diagonally to form a triangle. Arrange the triangle so it points toward you. Fold the tip of the triangle back toward the top 2 to 3 inches, carefully rolling back the tip of the square. Continue to roll or fold the shirt square until you reach the top edge and the shirt is now a long, thick folded strip.


Step 4

Hold each end of the folded shirt in your hand. Place the shirt over the eyes of the person you want to blindfold, and pull each end of the shirt around to the back of his head. Tie the two ends of the shirt together snugly, securing the ends into a knot if you choose.