How Can I Keep Wasps From Making Nests on My Porch?

Wasps will sting repeatedly when threatened, causing painful injuries.
Wasps will sting repeatedly when threatened, causing painful injuries. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Wasps are social insects that work cooperatively to feed and care for their colony by forming nests in sheltered areas, such as below house decks, under awnings and in the corners of eaves. Wasps attack primarily when provoked or threatened and can deliver repeated stings. To prevent wasps from nesting on your porch, eliminate the things that attract them. Treating likely nesting places with an insecticide is also an effective deterrent.

Things You'll Need

  • Caulk gun
  • Tube of exterior caulk
  • Rake
  • Aerosol insecticide

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Seal all cracks and crevices on the porch, especially overhead, with exterior caulk applied in a thin bead with a caulk gun. This closes off potential nesting places between the porch and your house, where you may be unable to see the wasps until they emerge.

Rake up and remove any fallen fruit from fruit trees in the vicinity. Like most insects, wasps are drawn to the fermenting sugars in decomposing fruit.

Close and move trash cans away from the porch, eliminating a potential food source.

Move hummingbird feeders and any other containers of liquid away from the porch. Hang the feeders in trees, instead, if you are prone to wasp problems. Wasps are drawn to the nectar in the feeders.

Spray insecticide around the upper corners of the porch at least once a month to deter nesting activity. Check the label on the insecticide for the recommended frequency of treatment.


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