When to Plant K-31 Fescue

K-31 fescue is valued for its durability to foot traffic.
K-31 fescue is valued for its durability to foot traffic. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

K-31 fescue is the most common variety of tall fescue available for lawns. K-31 is durable and drought tolerant, a cool-season grass that greens up early and stays green well into the fall.

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When to Seed

September is the best time to plant or over-seed with K-31 fescue. Planting can be done in spring, but success is less likely because there will be competition with weeds. Young fescue seedlings may also be under stress during the warmer summer temperatures.

Seed Establishment

After applying the seed, keep the area moist for the subsequent three weeks. After that, apply approximately 1 inch of irrigation per week, if it is not available from rainfall. Young seedlings benefit from an application of nitrogen at a rate of 1 pound per thousand square feet.

Other Considerations

K-31 fescue is a course-bladed grass that can be difficult to mow. There can be a higher content of weed seed in bags of K-31 than with other types of lawn seed. Since the 1970s, newer varieties of turf-type tall fescue have been developed that are generally considered superior to K-31.


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