Homemade Trail Mower

Mow your own trails for recreational use.
Mow your own trails for recreational use. (Image: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Homemade trail mowers (also called trailmowers) are used to mow paths and walkways for pedestrians, bicyclists or equestrians on your property. They are typically pulled by small equipment like a golf cart, ATV, lawn tractor or utility vehicle.

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The U.S. Department of Transportation defines trailmowers (less than 60 inches wide) as "small, mechanized equipment." When choosing your homemade trailmower design, be aware that some trailmowers are meant for the lighter work of lawn mowing rather than the more intense work of field clearing. If you need to clear areas that include lots of brush, small saplings and other tough greenery, choose a design meant for field clearing.


Like manufactured trail mowers, homemade machines still require proper operation and safety equipment to run. Never operate your trail mower without protective eyewear. Work gloves are also recommended.


Properly maintain your trail mower, and it should last just as long as a manufactured one. Use the correct fuel (which depends on the type of engine you're using) and check for stagnant fuel before you start the machine. Lube axles when needed.


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