Spider Plant Reproduction

Spider plants are easy to maintain.
Spider plants are easy to maintain. (Image: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Spider plants have dark green or variegated leaves that are long and come to a point. After the spider plant becomes root bound in the pot, reproduction starts and the spider plant has babies.

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Spider plants produce long runners that sprout off of the mother plant. The runners have tiny white flowers on the end, which last for about two to three weeks.


As the flowers die, tiny green leaves start to appear. Usually the baby will have three to four leaves. As the leaves start growing longer, the baby is ready to be planted or the baby can be left to grow attached to the mother plant by way of the runner.


A pot of dirt can be set under or next to the mother plant. Babies can be placed on top of the dirt where they will root into the dirt with proper watering. The runner can be kept intact or cut after the baby roots.


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