Lawn Sweeper Vs. Grass Bagger

A large expanse of lawn can be a challenge to maintain.
A large expanse of lawn can be a challenge to maintain. (Image: mower image by Tomasz Wojnarowicz from

Keeping the lawn green and trimmed is a weekly chore in the summer, and the question inevitably arises, “how to clean up the clippings?” To deal with the clippings you can either sweep them, bag them or let them be.

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Lawn baggers are attachments for power mowers. On a push power mower, a mesh bag is attached to the pipe that ejects the clippings and collects them. The bag for riding mowers also is attached to the ejection pipe, but the bags are made of solid plastic that come in a number of sizes depending on the mowing equipment.


Lawn sweepers are a lot like a lawn mower, but they have brushes rather than blades. They can be pushed by hand or pulled behind a riding mower. Sweepers can be used to sweep up grass, leaves and pine needles.


Lawn baggers are more expensive than sweepers. Damp clippings make both pieces of equipment less efficient; however, damp clippings tend to plug up the baggers more readily. Because the sweeper can be hand pushed, there is less noise pollution. As a last alternative, leaving the clippings in place can be unsightly, but as they decay they add nutrients back to the lawn.


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