Are Impatiens Deer Resistant?

Impatiens come in a wide variety of colors.
Impatiens come in a wide variety of colors. (Image: Images)

Impatiens (Impatiens walleriana) can add alluring sparks of color to your garden or landscaping. These bright little flowers are also attractive to deer, however. If you want to avoid deer damage, fence your impatiens or plant a different, deer-resistant species.

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Deer Resistance

The University of Georgia and Rutgers University include impatiens on lists of plants that tend to be severely damaged by deer. North Carolina State University describes impatiens as a favorite deer treat. None recommend planting impatiens in deer-prone areas without fencing and repellent.


Impatiens tend to grow low to the ground in wide mounds. They can be grown as annuals or evergreen perennials, depending on climate zone. There are many cultivars, but most feature bright green leaves and prolific blooms. Impatiens blossoms range from blue to red and last from spring until frost.


An East African native, impatiens prefer partial shade to partial sun. Plant impatiens in rich, moist and well-drained soil, and fertilize regularly. In hot areas, plant impatiens in shade.


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