When Do Blackberries Ripen in Missouri?

Summer is the time to pick blackberries.
Summer is the time to pick blackberries. (Image: Soul/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Blackberries ripen all summer long in Missouri. You can pick wild berries, as the bushes grow as native plants in the area. Or you can plant some of your own blackberry bushes and enjoy fresh summertime fruit.

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Depending on the variety, blackberries ripen from June through August in Missouri. The exact ripening date depends on weather conditions that affected the plants in early spring.


The maturity date of your berries depends on the variety you plant. Varieties such as Shawnee produce berries that mature in late June into July. For colder climates, varieties such as Darrow and Illini work well while offering a long harvest time spanning over June and into August. Thornless types, including Navaho and Apache, both mature in July through early August.


The juicy berries require frequent picking, with some bushes requiring harvesting every two days or so. The best time to pick blackberries is during the cooler parts of the day since the berries are highly perishable. The berries only last a few days once harvested, so you’ll want to use them immediately or freeze them.


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