The Best Way of Preserving Roses

Properly preserved roses can be as lovely as when they were fresh.
Properly preserved roses can be as lovely as when they were fresh. (Image: Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

There is a common misconception that roses don't last forever. The fact is, roses are well suited for a number of preservation methods. You can preserve petals, buds or full blooms to enjoy for years to come.

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Drying roses requires no special equipment or expense. It's best to hang roses upside-down in a cool, dark place when air drying, so they retain their shape. Make sure the rose is only a bud to partially open, as fully open roses will drop petals as they dry. If you live in a humid climate, your rose may mold or mildew before it dries.


If you want your roses to look like they are still fresh, invest in some fine, dry, salt-free sand or silica gel, a dehydrating agent. By properly and carefully burying a rose in the sand or the gel in a way that it retains it's shape you can preserve it. If done correctly, it can still appear fresh.


Dried roses can be pressed into scrapbooks, used for potpourri, glued on wreaths or swags or made into dried bundles and bouquets.


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