How Does an Electric Candle Warmer Work?

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Electric candle warmers are great.
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Candle warmers are a great alternative to scent your home without the risk of having an open flame. You can use them to melt candle wax, and you can change the scent as often as you want. There are also designs like a candle warmer plate, which is similar to a mug warmer, that will work with jar candles. Regardless of the design you choose, they all work in a similar manner.


Electric Wax Warmer

A candle warmer plate works with an electric heating element, as do most candle wax warmers. When you turn on these units, the heating coils in the plate or under the wax holder heat up, and the warmth is transferred to the candle wax. As the wax warms and melts, it releases the scent into the air.


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Many candle warmers are designed to plug into an electrical outlet, although you can also find units that work with USB cables. Some have a flat hot plate on which you put the candle. The wax warmers may be made of a different material, such as ceramic or a glazed material, and shaped like a small dish to hold the melted wax.


Candle Warmer Bulb

Other types of candle warmers use a lightbulb to heat the candle wax. These often come in a lantern-style design with the candle warmer bulb shining down on the candle. You may also find these with the light underneath the dish that holds the candle. Many people enjoy this design since you not only get the scent from the candle but you can also enjoy the glow from the light that many miss from having a candle with an open flame.


The lightbulbs used vary depending on the size and type of candle warmer. They may use anything from a 15- to 40-watt bulb. When opting for this design, consider the cost and ease of obtaining replacement bulbs for your candle warmer.

Candle Warmer: How To Use

One candle warmer purpose is to add a pleasing scent to your home. They are much safer than lighting a candle because you don't have an open flame that may catch other things on fire if it is accidentally knocked over. In addition, you avoid the smoke that can stain walls and other decor.


Using a candle warmer also extends the life of your candles. This is because they don't heat up the candle to the same temperature as a burning flame, which allows the scent to disperse at a slower rate. You can swap out the candle or wax or add an additional wax melt when it no longer gives off a scent when warmed up. While candle warmers are more expensive upfront, they can save money in the long term.


Tealight Candle Warmer

Not all candle warmers are electric. Another type of candle and wax warmer you may encounter uses a tealight. The tealight is positioned underneath the dish or plate that holds the wax, and the heat from the small flame melts the wax. This option allows you to enjoy the flicker of the flame and the long-lasting scent of wax melts.


Tealights do have an open flame that can be dangerous, but due to their small size, they are less likely to be knocked over, and they will burn out fairly quickly, usually in less than eight hours, which is beneficial in case you forget to extinguish the tealight.



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