Home Remedies for Red Ants in the House

A red ant infestation can be solved with a few home remedy solutions.
A red ant infestation can be solved with a few home remedy solutions. (Image: red ants image by Jesse-lee Lang from Fotolia.com)

Red ants, or fire ants as they are sometimes called, are a difficult pest to remove from your house. Instead of calling an expensive exterminator, there are several home remedies to quell your house's infestation.

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Attract Other Ants

Ants are extremely competitive. If you allow any other kind of ant species near a red ant, both ant species will fight to the death. The other ant species may also help cut the food supply of red ants.

Fill in Holes

If you can find the mound where the red ants live, shovel the mound away carefully. Make sure you are at a distance from the mound so that the red ants do not fly toward you. After you have cleared the mound, fill in the hole with thick soil or cement.

Homemade Poison

You can create chemical compounds that will kill the red ant infestation in your home. Mix soap and detergent together and pour it directly onto the areas where the fire ants are entering your home. This home remedy should only be used inside your home. Using this solution outside may kill other animals, including house pets. Another tool to use is club soda. Club soda poured directly into the ant mound should kill all the ants with the carbonated gases.

Plants and Spices

Certain plants and herbs are poisonous to ants. Keep large amounts of mint leaves, spearmint or penny-royal and spread them near the red ant mound.


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