The Best Time to Plant a Palm Tree

Although associated with the tropics, there are about 2,500 different palm species. Some survive temperatures down to minus 10 degrees F, while others falter below 50 degrees.

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Time Frame

Palms are best planted in the warm months of the year -- late spring to early fall, according to Donald R. Hodel in "Grounds Maintenance" magazine online. When soil temperatures are above 70 degrees, the roots of palms begin their most active growth and establish into surrounding soil more quickly. Soil warmer than 80 degrees is better still.


In subtropical and tropical climates, abundant year-round warmth allows gardeners to plant container-grown palms anytime. Bare-rooted palm trees are best transplanted when temperatures are on the increase from spring into summer. If your summer is rainy, it lessens the need for extensive irrigation to sustain new root growth.


Keep the root ball and surrounding soil of the planted palm evenly moist. Dry soil, especially on palms with damaged or cut roots, prevents the roots from absorbing any moisture to sustain the trunk and fronds. Avoid soggy soils, too, as you want to avoid an environment that encourages fungal rot, especially in fall and winter.


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