How Is a Termite Inspection Performed?

Termite inspections often reveal hidden infestations.
Termite inspections often reveal hidden infestations. (Image: termites image by Christophe Fouquin from

Termites destroy homes throughout the country. They are particularly bothersome pests because their presence is difficult to detect. Many termite control and eradication services perform free or nominally priced inspections of homes.

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Outdoor Inspection Procedures

The inspector typically starts his analysis by looking at the yard, garage, crawl spaces under the house and any outdoor structures. He normally pokes and prods leaves and debris to uncover piles of dead wings or small mounds of sawdust. He knocks on wood posts and fences to see if they sound hollow. The appearance of mud tubes indicates termites are traveling above ground as well as underground.

Inside Inspection Procedures

If the house has an attic and basement, they are included in the inspection. The inspector uses a flashlight to peer into dark corners and in between beams and studs. Every room of the house is examined for damaged wood, pinholes in drywall, wood paneling or wallpaper and other indications of termite infestation.


Based on his findings, the inspector usually prepares a report for the homeowners during his visit. If he confirms the presence of termites, he recommends treatment options. Homeowners may contract for services during the visit or opt to get a second opinion before committing to a termite removal procedure.


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