Rat Urine Removal

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Rat urine in a home can spread disease to human residents while attracting other rats. Safe and effective removal of this toxic substance calls for professional equipment and expertise.

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Rat urine and droppings can spread diseases carried by the rats themselves if handled, but they can also host dangerous airborne fungi and viruses that endanger occupants throughout the home. The scent of the urine can summon other rodents, increasing the infestation and the accompanying health hazard.


Rat urine poses such a significant health risk that Abolish Pest Control recommends the use of biohazard suits, complete with gloves and respirators, when removing it. Waste removal experts focus on attics as the main nesting area, using vacuum cleaners equipped with special filters.


Elimination of rat urine from a home can only serve as a temporary measure if the homeowner does not also eliminate the rats and keep them from returning. Exterminators can trap rats remaining in the home and block off potential access points to walls or attics.


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