Bugs in Indoor Plant Soil

House plants add beauty to your home
House plants add beauty to your home (Image: 観葉植物 image by zonomuro from Fotolia.com)

Where there are plants, there’s bound to be bugs. Plants that are growing indoors are no exception. Healthy plants are less likely to become infested, so taking a few precautions and caring for your plant is the first step to lessening the chances of bugs in your soil.

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Types of Bugs

Examine your indoor plants often. Soil insects are brought to the surface when you water. Fungus gnats are the most common indoor soil pest, but millipedes or pill bugs can also be found in indoor plant soil.


If your plant is wilting even with sufficient water, or growing poorly, you may have bugs in your soil eating the plant's roots.


Always use clean pots and fresh soil when re-potting. Don't overwater your plants or let them sit in standing water.

Treatment: Chemical

Place your plant in the skin and drench the soil with insecticidal soap to kill off any insects. A systemic insecticide is also effective.

Natural Treatment

Isolate your plant to prevent spread. Most soil insects won't kill your plant. Hand pick and dispose of larger insects. If infestation is severe, remove your plant from the soil and brush as much dirt free of the roots as possible. Replant in a new pot with sterile garden soil. Throw away the old pot and soil.


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