Lifespan of a Magnolia Tree

magnolia tree
magnolia tree (Image: magnolia image by Edsweb from

Magnolia trees are popular because of their attractive flowers and foliage. More than 80 species of magnolia grow in the U.S. and Asia. Some of the larger magnolia species can live more than 100 years.

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Common magnolias

The southern magnolia, umbrella magnolia, and cucumber magnolia are three of the most common magnolia trees in the United States. The southern magnolia serves as the state tree of Mississippi.

Southern magnolia

The southern magnolia has a lifespan of 80 to 120 years. It usually grows 60 to 80 feet tall but can grow as high as 125 feet.

Umbrella magnolia

The smaller umbrella magnolia, often found in the Appalachian Mountains, has a lifespan ranging from 40 to 100 years.

Cucumber magnolia

The cucumber magnolia, the most widespread of the magnolia species in the U.S., has an average lifespan of 80 to 120 years.

Factors affecting lifespan

Magnolias can be vulnerable to ground fires, winter droughts and some insects such as the magnolia scale. Other pests and fungi can attack magnolias but are usually not fatal.


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