What Is a Standard Classroom Lockset?

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A "standard classroom lockset" is a type of locking mechanism that was originally designed for schools, but now has many other applications depending on your security needs.

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The classroom lockset was originally designed for use in schools, so teachers could minimize disruptions during class time.


The benefit of the classroom lockset is the ability of the teacher to control access to the classroom. The inside knob is always unlocked, but by using a key on the outside the teacher can choose to leave the outside knob locked or unlocked.


Recently, in the era of school violence, the classroom lockset has revealed a weakness. In the event of violence, if the classroom is not locked, a teacher must potentially expose himself to danger in order to step out and lock the door with a key.


Originally designed for the classroom, the classroom lockset can be used in any situation where you want to control entry to a room, while ensuring the ability to always exit the room, i.e., bedroom, den or workshop.


While the classroom lockset remains a popular security choice, in many schools they are being replaced with locking mechanisms that can be controlled from the inside of the classroom to avoid unnecessarily exposing the teacher to danger in the event of school violence.


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