Why Put Straw on Grass Seed

During the process of sowing seeds, straw mulch is a popular selection in aiding grass to grow. There are various types of straw mulch available, but the most popular one is wheat straw.

Straw can protect new grass seed
Straw can protect new grass seed (Image: ÐяÑеслав ТÑлин/iStock/Getty Images)

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Straw mulch helps to protect new grass seeds by retaining moisture in the soil.

Lush green grass
Lush green grass (Image: manfredxy/iStock/Getty Images)


There are various types of straw including pine straw, straw made from alfafa plants and wheat straw. Wheat straw is the most popular type of straw for mulching.

Stack hay
Stack hay (Image: Baloncici/iStock/Getty Images)


Some of the benefits of straw besides retaining moisture in the soil is to prevent erosion before the grass has a chance to grow.

Healthy grass growth
Healthy grass growth (Image: Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images)


Although there are benefits in using straw mulch, it sometimes contains weed seeds. Weeds can pose a threat to new seed growth as the grass seed and weeds will compete for nutrients in the soil.

Pile of straw over grass
Pile of straw over grass (Image: Gelia/iStock/Getty Images)


Although straw mulch is extremely popular, there are other types of mulch available to assist in retaining moisture in the soil. Check with your local lawn and garden center for additional recommendations.

Man planting grass seed
Man planting grass seed (Image: Elenathewise/iStock/Getty Images)


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