Caterpillar Dozer Identification

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Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, Caterpillar began in 1925 with the formation of Caterpillar Tractor. Since that time, Caterpillar's offerings have grown beyond riding mowers to include many types of heavy equipment, including dozers.

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A Catepillar wheel dozer is a piece of heavy equipment used to push and lift materials out of the way at a construction site.


There are two main sizes of Caterpillar dozers--the medium grade, which are designed to handle loads that weigh 47,877 to 103,849 pounds, and the large, which can handle 156,120 to 216,273 pound loads, according to Caterpillar's website.


Caterpillar dozers have a variety of uses, such as moving dirt and rocks, piling coal and shifting wood chips. The dozers also find use at road maintenance areas, construction sites and strip mines.


Caterpillar dozers are typically yellow in color and feature the Caterpillar logo along the top, which is the word "CAT" with a yellow triangle below the "A."


Caterpillar wheel dozers are very expensive, with even used models often costing over $30,000 as of 2009. Because of this, Caterpillar offers financing to businesses that need to purchase dozers.


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