What Is the Weight of Lead Per Cubic Inch?

Lead is a stable and malleable metal that has been known to humanity since ancient times. While toxic if consumed, lead's resistance to corrosion and density make it an essential material in the construction of storage tanks and radiation shielding. It is also used in many other industrial manufacturing processes.

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Density and Weight of Lead

  • Calculate the weight of lead with the following formula: w = Vp, where "w" represent the weight, "V" indicates the volume and "p" is the density. At room temperature -- 68 degrees Fahrenheit -- lead's density is 0.41 pound per cubic inch. To calculate the weight of a volume of lead, multiply 0.41 by the volume, ensuring that the volume is given in cubic inches. For example, calculate the weight of 213 cubic inches of lead as follows:

    w = 213 cubic inches X 0.41 pound/cubic inch, so: w = 87.33 pounds


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