How Far Apart Should Pear Trees Be Planted?

Pear trees are popular with home gardeners and professionals alike. Not only do they provide delicious fruit, but they are highly disease resistant, have few pests, and do well in a range of climates. In order for pear trees to thrive, they must have adequate spacing.

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Pear trees are propagated from seed. However, most people purchase their trees from a nursery when they are 2 to 4 years old and 4 to 6 feet tall.

Considerations: Planting

Choose a place for the new pear tree that gets plenty of full sunlight. Pear trees must be planted fairly deep so that the tree is firmly anchored in the ground as it grows. When planting the pear, the entire decomposable planter should be beneath the soil.


Because of their relatively small size when young, it is easy to place pear trees too close together. Ideally there should be 20 to 25 feet of space around each tree. Growing multiple pear trees can take quite a bit of land.


Young pears are particularly susceptible to strong winds which may blow the tree over and cause the trunk to grow at an angle. All young pears should be staked for the first year after placing them in the ground until they become established.

TIme Frame

After being placed in the ground, pear trees usually take two to four years to produce fruit. Pear trees require little care other than a little pruning to produce profusely.

Expert Insight

Some pear trees require pollinators, as they do not have the ability to reproduce on their own; in such cases, more than one tree will be required. To find out if a tree needs a pollinator, read the label attached to the tree or talk to a nursery before purchasing.


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