What Color of Laminate Flooring Matches Oak Cabinets?

Changing the flooring in your home can truly rejuvenate and brighten the interior space. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you're sure to find something that will suit your taste and look great with oak cabinetry.


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Oak laminate goes very well with oak cabinetry. The trick is to make sure that you match the flooring to the cabinets exactly, so they will seem to have been designed for each other.


A laminate floor with a tile pattern looks chic and modern when paired with oak cabinets. As a bonus, if you're not much of a neat freak, the grayish stone color can hide dirt and crumbs very well.


A slate laminate can provide a dramatic contrast for your oak cabinets. The deep color of the laminate makes the details in oak cabinetry stand out.


Cherry laminate can look great with oak cabinets. Choose a bold deep cherry to contrast with the light-colored oak. Be sure to bring home a sample before purchasing the laminate to make sure the tones of the different wood colors coordinate with each other.

Cream Checkered

A cream-colored laminate floor with a checkered pattern is a popular option that will give your kitchen a neutral, clean and ordered feel. Many people who are thinking of selling their homes choose a cream or neutral-colored laminate flooring because it appeals to a wide variety of buyers.


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