Passing Blood Clots While Pregnant

Passing Blood Clots While Pregnant
Passing Blood Clots While Pregnant (Image:

Pregnancy causes many changes for a woman. One concern of pregnancy is developing blood clots. According to, blood clots are deep vein thrombosis, which means blood has pooled and formed a clot.

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When you are pregnant, check for blood every time you go to the bathroom. If you are experiencing blood flow, look to see what the color and consistency is. If you have a few light spots of blood, it might just be normal spotting. If the blood is dark and thick, you might be passing blood clots.


If you are experiencing clotting, calm down and remember that bleeding in pregnancy is normal.


If you are pregnant and believe that you are having normal spotting, mention it to your doctor at your next visit. If you feel as though the level of bleeding is not normal, call your doctor.

Heavy Bleeding

If you are pregnant and feeling cramps, or are seeing clots and you are bleeding heavily, go to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.


Heavy bleeding and clots might be a sign that something is wrong. You might be experiencing signs of miscarriage. This is a serious medical condition that needs to be addressed right away.


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