What Are the Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs?

What Are the Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs?
What Are the Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs? (Image: Flickr.com)

Saltwater sterilization is a method for treating water in hot tubs. In recent times, the treatment has gained traction because it offers superior water quality, is economical and eco-friendly, and offers health benefits over chemical-chlorine treatments.

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Water Quality

Water treated with salt does not smell of chlorine, is not irritating to eyes or skin, is gentle to hair and has a soft, smooth texture.

Health Benefits

Saltwater sterilization of water is considered a safer and healthier alternative to chemical chlorine. Chlorine use in swimming pools and hot tubs might be linked to asthma and other health-related problems such as allergies.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

Saltwater treatment is nothing more than sea salt. Treatments are less frequent because the salt and natural chlorine made by the salt is self-recycling. Chemical chlorine and algacide treatments contain additives, which can be toxic and harmful to the environment.


Saltwater sterilization is not a chemical-free alternative to traditional chlorine chemicals as some manufacturers suggest, but it is nothing more than sea salt.


Use of saltwater in a hot tub or spa might void factory warranties.


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