What Is a Three-Quarter Bathroom?

A three-quarter bathroom is a bathroom that doesn't contain a bathtub but does have a shower stall, along with a sink and a toilet. As a second bathroom, this kind of room is ideal for when guests stay over so that they have their privacy for bathing.

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The three-quarter bathroom is typically located near the bedrooms or on the second floor of a home; a half bathroom (one that doesn't have shower or bath facilities) tends to be placed on the first floor near entranceways since it's mainly intended as an extra toilet. It is often called a powder room.


Having a bathtub in a three-quarter bathroom instead of a shower, while unusual, is not unheard of. This scenario would be likely in a house that was built with multiple bathrooms when showers weren't a commonplace installation.


Three-quarter bathrooms are an ideal second bath in homes where they are many children, or for teens who might need a longer time in the bathroom due to a heightened interest in grooming.


Because this bathroom doesn't have a bathtub, it can be fitted into an area that's as small as 6 feet by 6 feet. This makes it a convenient addition for homes that are tight on space.


While you can decorate this room to match the rest of your home's interior, decorators recommend using dramatic hues and accents to make them look lively.


Adding a three-quarter bathroom is considered as valuable as adding a full one. This installation can raise a house's value by roughly 20 percent, but such factors as how many square feet and bedrooms a house has must be factored into that estimate.


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