Natural Remedies for Killing Bed Bugs

There are few natural ways to kill bed bugs that will work well on small infestations. However, these remedies are not the most efficient and should be used in conjunction with pesticides and other methods.

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Find All of the Bugs

In order to kill bed bugs, you must first find them. It may be laborious, but you could locate and squish all the bugs to get rid of them. You can use sticky paper to find where the bugs are nesting.

Wash Everything in High Heat

Bed bugs at all stages will die if they are exposed to heat at least 120 degrees F. Wash and dry all bed sheets, rugs, blankets, clothes and any other materials on the hottest settings.

Burn the Bed Bugs

Purchase or rent a steamer or contact your local exterminator to see if they have the necessary tools. Contain furniture and other belongings in large Styrofoam boxes and fill them with 113 to 120 degree steam to kill the critters.


There are vinyl bed covers and pillow cases that could help ward off the bugs. This will may not kill them, but it will provide a boundary between you and the bugs.

Observe the Results

Use white sheets to detect if you still have the bugs. If there are still bed bugs in your mattress, you will see bug excrement, eggs, skin cases and small splotches of blood from exploded bugs.


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