Symptoms After a Stroke

Strokes are caused in two ways. Ischemic strokes occur when oxygen is cut of from the brain, thus killing brain cells. Another form of stroke is hemorrhagic, which causes blood leakage in the brain. It can be a life-threatening brain injury with serious side effects if not treated.

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If a person suffers a lack of oxygen to the brain for too long, they may become paralyzed on one side of the body, or have paralysis on one side of the face.


Some people may experience difficulty in conveying their thoughts with words due to a stroke.

Mouth Movement

Sometimes a stroke can cause the muscles in the mouth to become lax. They may have difficulty in eating, swallowing and talking.

Memory Loss

Stroke victims may have difficulties in understanding or may suffer memory loss.


Sometimes the body may experience strange sensations, pain, or numbness of the limbs.


Some people may experience depression or anxiety shortly after a having dealt with a complicated stroke.

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