Signs of Lung Cancer in Men

Lung cancer is one of the most commonly experienced cancers, and men are more likely than women to develop lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, of the 147,470 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed in 2006, more than 92,000 were men. Although lung cancer can be caused by numerous factors, including exposure to such things as asbestos and radon, the vast majority of cases are diagnosed in people who smoke.

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Pain in the chest, back or shoulder that is not related to pain from coughing can be a sign of lung cancer in men.


A persistent cough, wheezing or breathing difficulties that are not connected to a cold or another illness can be an indication of lung cancer. Coughing up blood or blood-tinged mucus can also be a sign.

Voice Changes

If a man's voice suddenly becomes more hoarse and he makes a sound with each breath, it can be a sign of lung cancer.


Men who repeatedly get respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, may be exhibiting a symptom of lung cancer.


If you suddenly have much more sputum than usual, or if the color or texture changes, it can be a sign of lung cancer.

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