What Are White Orchids?

What Are White Orchids?
What Are White Orchids? (Image: www.delgattophotos.com)

White orchids are the rarest of all the orchids and make a beautiful gift or addition to a garden. White orchids grow predominantly in tropical areas, but are transported all over the world.

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Thailand has the only pure strain of white orchid; all of the others are usually bi-color and will turn different colors by the second bloom.


White symbolizes purity, innocence and virtue while the orchid itself is symbolic of beauty and respect. In China, orchids are symbolic of many children.

Fun Fact

There are over 17,000 species of orchids that come in many different color combinations and varieties, white being the rarest.


The orchid derives from the Greek word "orchis" and can be dated back to the late cretaceous period around 76 and 84 million years ago.

Famous Ties

"Girls of the White Orchid" was a movie released in 1983 based on the true story of the life of Tom Allard starring Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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